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bol tv live

The history of AXACT:

The Axact gets involved in the bogus scandal of the fake degrees that was created by the organization who hate them. After that, the doors of media group for the BOL Media team gets closed. The biggest media channel gets stopped by broadcasting their channels in Pakistan. That was the blackest day in the history of Pakistan.But within sometimes, by the grace of God that AXACT proved himself innocent in the court. After proving innocent in the court, they begin to work with more passion for the betterment of Pakistan’s people.

bol tv live

They are now back in news industry of Pakistan with more excellent performance. This channel is giving high salary packages to their workers, and they are signing contracts with qualified anchor persons, and other political loving specialists to create a team of professionals. Yu can watch the bol tv live shows on

Bol tv live shows:

After proving innocent, they started to work with more passion. They are providing the best news with proper facts and figures. The shows on “bol tv live” are ranking up from all the other media channels. It is the slap on the haters of this network. Within few times, they get the space in the hearts of Pakistan’s people. It has become possible just because of the efforts of CEO of this group as he is giving his 100% to get the name act of his channel as one of the best news channels in Pakistan.

It was tough for them to stand straight after the bogus scandal but they are giving their 100% in providing the best news to the viewers. The unique shows who are depicting the real faces of Pakistani politicians are the favorite ones of this channel. People surely love these political shows as they are getting high rating points which are the sign of people’s love towards this channel.

Media – one of the powerful medium to exposure:

All of the best media groups are equally responsible to make the whole country peaceful.  It is a very vital step in the improvement of the nation.

Additionally, they are also need to show the good aspects. We should behave properly with them as they are working to keep us updated with each and every news from the world. Nowadays, many news channels are violating the rules of PEMRA, and they are getting banned their self. But bol tv live is delivering all the aspects of communication with complete facts and figures. None can prove them wrong, as they come to the newsroom after the confirmation of many responsible persons

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